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Aromatherapy Half Moon Lamp™
Aromatherapy Half Moon Lamp™
Aromatherapy Half Moon Lamp™
Aromatherapy Half Moon Lamp™

Aromatherapy Half Moon Lamp™

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The Problems:
Are you or your kids having SLEEPLESS NIGHTS and can't seem to settle your minds down into peaceful relaxation at night?
Need help putting your BABY to sleep?
Are your PETS suffering from STRESS and ANXIETY during the day while you're away?

The Solution:
Then you need our New original Aromatherapy Half Moon Lamp™ with its beautiful and uniquely calming design.
☑️This lamp will create a stress-free environment for any room, whether it's your baby's nursery room, kids rooms, office, bedrooms, living room, or dorm rooms, because of its relaxing lighting levels and fragrant smell.
☑️This lamp will help soothe your baby to sleep, because the warm light setting and relaxing scent will put your baby at ease.
☑️This lamp will help keep your fur babies calm and relaxed while you're away from them during the day or evening just leave it on.

Benefits and How to use:
  • Fall asleep easily with the calm and comfortable ambiance of the Aromatherapy Half Moon Lamp™.
  • The Cold light and Warm light switch allows you to choose the option of the light tint that is most appealing and restful to you.
  • Hold down the power button on the left to turn on the lamp and to change the light from warm to cold light setting and hold down the volume button on the right to easily dim the lamp light from high to low level lighting in order to create your favorite relaxing environment for yourself, your baby, your kids, or even your pets. 
  • Fill the room with the Fragrant smell of your favorite essential oil (not included). Remove the bottom cover and add 2-3 drops of essential oil, then close the lid, turn on the lamp and rotate the lid counterclockwise to make the smell stronger or lighter.
  • Plug the USB Cable (included) into the charging port on the lamp base and the other end into a cellphone charger plug or in a computer USB port for easy charging.
  • Once charged, unplug it and you can have almost 24 hours of ongoing light on low level or 3-4 hours of light on high level and remains charged when not in use.
  • Our model is original and is not sold in stores.
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Package Includes:

  • 1-Aromatherapy Half Moon Lamp, 1-USB Cable, 1-Instruction Manual, 1-small circular sponge to pour the essential oil onto. (Essential oil is not included).

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