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Baby Bassinet Tote
Baby Bassinet Tote
Baby Bassinet Tote
Baby Bassinet Tote
Baby Bassinet Tote
Baby Bassinet Tote

Baby Bassinet Tote

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Do you need a safe, clean surface to lay your baby on for diaper changing when your out and about? The Baby Bassinet Tote is your solution. This bassinet is a safe and clean place for your baby to sleep on if you're out in public, visiting someone's home, or to just lay your baby down while you change your baby's diaper on-the-go.

When you use this bassinet outdoors, you can pull the netting over it, in order to protect your baby from bugs. The bassinet also conveniently folds into a lightweight tote with a hand strap that can be hung on stroller or carried. Animated GIFFeatures:

1. Safety materials: Non-toxic, lead-free materials that are safe for babies and easily machine washable.

2. Save space: Easily folded up, very compact, and transition into a tote carrier. 

3. Convenient for all occasions: At parks, beaches, football games, or just using it in the living room for daily use, it is very convenient!

4. Unzip and automatically expand the tent: It can open and fold in a few seconds.

5. Safe environment: Provide a virus-free environment, with ventilation while your baby will be protected from mosquitoes and strong sunlight.


  • Dimensions: 95*46*17.72 cm (unfolded); 45*12*40 cm (folded)
  • Product Material: Cotton and Linen
  • Ages: 0-18 months
  • Colors: Green, Blue, Grey, Pink, Burgundy


  • 4 weeks