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Robot Rainbow Lamp
Robot Rainbow Lamp
Robot Rainbow Lamp
Robot Rainbow Lamp
Robot Rainbow Lamp

Robot Rainbow Lamp

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Do you want a unique light for your desk or even your child's bedroom? The Robot Rainbow Lamp is perfect for a pleasant, relaxing ambiance.

1. The light creates a beautiful atmosphere in any room. This is perfect for your child's bedroom, your office, your desk at work, or any room.
2. The Robot Rainbow Lamp can be adjusted back and forth 360 degrees. The farther the distance, the bigger the projection.
3. Give the Robot Rainbow Lamp for Birthdays, Holidays, Anniversary Gifts, or just because.
4. It can also help children and babies overcome darkness fear and fall asleep. It can also be used as a romantic mood light, perfect for offices or  interior decoration in any room.


  • Material: Plastic
  • Color: Sunset/Sun/Rainbow
  • Power Supply: USB charging
  • Size: 13*5.2*4cm
  • Functions: Dimming, Touch switch, Detachable headlight, 360 degree rotation

Package Includes:

1 Projection lamp

1 USB cable