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Stone Cross Leather Bracelet
|200001034:361180#Moss Agate;200000639:201452416#19cm|200001034:361180#Moss Agate;200000639:2832#21cm|200001034:361180#Moss Agate;200000639:2831#23cm|3256803277718198-Moss Agate-19cm|3256803277718198-Moss Agate-21cm|3256803277718198-Moss Agate-23cm
Stone Cross Leather Bracelet
Stone Cross Leather Bracelet
Stone Cross Leather Bracelet
Stone Cross Leather Bracelet
Stone Cross Leather Bracelet

Stone Cross Leather Bracelet

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The Stone Cross Leather Bracelet is a beautiful way to show and feel spiritual inspiration daily and they can be worn with all outfits. You can also enjoy the suggested healing properties that come along with the natural energies of the stones, which are listed below.  Suggested Stone Healing Properties:

Lapis Stone: Helps with depression and insomnia by enticing you back to mental balance. It can also benefit the throat area, and help with eye ailments. 

Agate: Helps to create inner harmony by stabilizing and grounding your physical, mental, and spiritual energies, thereby improving your confidence and courage, as well as attracting abundance.

Howlite Stone: Helpful for calming heated emotions and regaining emotional balance, while also strengthening memory and helping with insomnia.  

Hematite: Helps to ground emotions and promote feelings of safety and security by endowing us with courage, strength, endurance and vitality. Also stimulates concentration, focus, and better memory. 

Tiger Eye Stone: Helps with protecting against negative energies and it is also a grounding stone that can help you feel more safe and secure.  


  • Metals: Stainless Steel 
  • Materials: Leather Rope and Stones
  • Lengths: 19cm, 21cm, 23cm (7.5 in., 8.27 in., 9 in.)
  • Please measure your wrist and round up to choose the best size.


  • US- 2 weeks
  • International- 3-4 weeks